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Rengöring Luft Sensor Pro 250 Ml - Motoaction

Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and more. I can guarantee that using CRC 05110 to clean your mass air flow sensor will improve your engine. According to testing, this best mass air flow sensor cleaner can gain 4 to 10 HP at the wheels and reduce rough ride along with hesitation. Fast Acting. If you are like me, an impatient short, then you will love how fast acting this sensor cleaner is.

Crc air sensor clean

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UPC  CRC MAF Sensor Cleaner will safely clean and protect your mass air flow sensor , improving air/fuel ratio and increasing kilometres per litre. The use of  CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner is the safe and effective alternative to " underground" methods of MAF sensor cleaning.

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Dunk : 1022 5L. 1023 20L.


Crc air sensor clean

00. Get it … snabbt och effektivt både termistorn och varmtråden eller värmeplattan. CRC Air Sensor Clean är ett effektivt precisionsrengörande lösningsmedel med hög renhet utformat för att möta dagens miljökrav.

Designed with advanced Cozol  CRC Air Sensor Clean PRO, 250ml; Improves and restores the performance and reliability of Mass Air Flow sensors as used on modern injection engines.
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Crc air sensor clean

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Clean. Aerosol : 1021 500ml. Dunk : 1022 5L.
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Rengöring Luft Sensor Pro 250 Ml - Motoaction

Dessvärre lossnade plastkåpan, eltejpade dit den men jag ska försöka hitta någon bra tunn tejp alt  Logilink Cleaning Duster Spray (400 ml) Compressed air cleaner, 400 ml · ComputerSalg.dk. Art.nr.

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Designed with advanced Cozol? technology. Increases horsepower & improves air/fuel ratio and MPG. For use every time you clean or change the air filter Warranty Details (30 DAY REPLACEMENT IF DEFECTIVE) The first product specifically developed to clean mass air flow sensors. Designed with advanced Cozol® technology. Increases horsepower & improves air/fuel ratio and MPG. CRC Industries manufactures chemicals and oils for uses in automotive, marine, heavy truck, electrical, industrial, and aviation applications. Their signature formulas include brake cleaner, electric parts cleaners, battery cleaners, grease, gear oil, marine sealants, and much more. Introducing the ORIGINAL CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner.Stop using aggressive chemicals to clean sensitive MAF sensors!If you've got a dirty mass air flow Most fuel-injected vehicles are equipped with a mass air flow sensor, or “MAF” sensor to measure the amount and density of air entering the engine.

Info · Erbjudande · Sensor, kylmedietemperatur JP GROUP 1193101200. Contact cleaner / Contact kleen · Dust free / Dust free · Flatscreen cleaner · Tft cleaner · Air sensor clean / Air sensor clean · Airco cleaner / Airco cleaner. Se vår produkt Rengöring Luft Sensor Pro 250 Ml som levereras fraktfritt. AIR SENSOR CLEAN PRO. Förgasarrengöring CRC Carburettor Cleaner 2070. RENGÖRING LUFT SENSOR PRO250ML.